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Top 5 People To Follow For Latest Digital Marketing Updates

Date : 19-12-2020

When it comes to Digital Marketing, we come across several blogs, and courses related to it. Most of you all must have heard about Neil Patel as one of the Digital Marketing experts but there are a few other names in the industry to look out for the latest Digital Marketing updates which is why we thought of introducing to the topmost 5 People who could share the latest Digital Marketing Updates with you.

5 Digital Marketing Trends to watch out for 2021

Date : 04-12-2020

As things are moving fast in the Digital Marketing world. It would not be adequate to rely on old school ways. And to get the best possible results for our clients, we have to stay on top of these trends.

5 important steps to achieve best results in YouTube Marketing

Date : 09-11-2020

YouTube marketing is often overlooked by social media marketers. Some think YouTube counts as a social media network. Others see it as more of an online video platform. Either way, there are countless marketing opportunities on YouTube—especially if your audience is on the platform and your competitors aren’t.

7 Reasons why you should leave it to the Pro’s

Date : 20-10-2020

As post the pandemic entire world is going digital, it has become an important platform for marketing and promoting your business to reach maximum people. There are a lot of business owners who feel that Digital Marketing is something that anybody can do and can save the investment of hiring an Agency. We give you 7 reasons why this could be a not so good idea!

The shift in Marketing post COVID-19

Date : 12-09-2020

In the last blog, we saw how the crisis of COVID-19 has given birth to a number of innovations all over the world. As the unlock continues, we see second-order effects leading to fundamental shifts in consumer buying behavior and media consumption.

Innovations in Crisis

Date : 31-08-2020

As we saw last time how COVID -19 has left its marks on everything around the world, social distancing and contact tracing have been the buzzwords of the response to it.

Brands adapting to COVID-19

Date : 20-06-2020

The year 2020 didn’t get onto the most prosperous start. Let’s have a look at how it has affected numerous brands and businesses today and how each one is coping with it to get back on their feet.

Perfect name for your business

Date : 06-03-2020

In this era of unlimited choices, a start-up is required to build a brand that is consistent, memorable and differentiated to captivate consumers and eventually capture mind share. The name is the first thing that people hear when you tell them about your company. Good brand names are seldom arbitrary....

Things to master SEO

Date : 24-02-2020

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It basically is a process of getting free, non-paid, editorial traffic to search pages on search engines. Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing give out search results, where web pages, videos etc ...

Content Marketing 2020

Date : 31-01-2020

Same as the progressing changes in numerous things every year the world of marketing is witnessing a drastic change in the way the information is delivered to their target audience. Below are few things that you cannot miss in your content marketing strategy for this year.

How to Create Relevant and Fresh Instagram Content

Date : 26-11-2019

Instagram, initially started as an experience sharing application in the form of images has now evolved to become a business making model not only for the developers but also it’s users. Instagram started in 2010, reached a million users in a span of just 2 months from its launch. Today after 10 years from its launch it has crossed the mark of 100 million active users.

How brands are making the most of Diwali

Date : 24-10-2019

Diwali is a yet another big and luminous festival in India after Ganesh-Chaturthi and is a bang on opportunity for brands to engage with their audience and make them feel good. This is the hot period to prepare and launch their branding and marketing plans in full force in order to boost sales. With cut-throat competition, all brands strive to dominate every media format and occupy consumers’ mindshare and heart-share at a time when they’re willing to spend.

Online Shopping, A Better Business Idea?

Date : 03-10-2019

How many of us can say, “I have never shopped online”. The chances of a person having access to the internet but has never shopped online are very few. Most of us have, at some point of time, bought something online be it apparel, footwear, gadgets, application, food or tickets to just name a few. With availability of inexpensive cell phones and now the launch of Jio-Fibre, internet convenience at a very high speed is not far-fetched.

Advertisements with a social message that changed the way we look at marketing.

Date : 19-09-2019

Do you think of a particular advertisement when you hear a Brand name or a particular advertisement of that brand that you have related with. The advertising industry has changed by leaps and bounds since its initiation in the 15th century. Advertising started with the print media and later on moved to voice and visual media. Print ads initially were just classified ads which had simple content with no pictures or attractive copy.


Date : 31-08-2019

It’s just 2 days to go for Ganesha Chaturthi, one of the massive festivals that celebrate Ganesha every year in India! The communal festival lasts for 10 days and ends with the Ganesha Visarjan where the Lord is bid farewell by immersing his idols in water. What we want to look at today is, just like everything else on this planet, with technological advancement, how we can see a digital revolution has taken place in the celebration of this festival as well.

The Future Of Print Media

Date : 14-08-2019

Have you ever thought of when or which was the 1 st newspaper published in India? As compared to the 1 st ever newspaper published called Relation aller Fürnemmen und gedenckwürdigen Historien in Germany in 1605 the 1st newspaper published in India was only a century and half later in 1780. The 1 st newspaper in India was started in the year 1780, it was called the Bengal Gazette by Augustus Hicky under the British rule.

Why Influencer Marketing Is One Of The Hot Trends Today?

Date : 03-08-2019

Influencer marketing is using brand advocates to drive your message to a larger audience in an organic way. Brand advocates in terms of influencer marketing are basically people who are popular in their respective fields because of the vast knowledge they have in their scope of work. Word of mouth is the most authenticate form of marketing and in this ever growing digital world brands are taking full advantage of this pragmatic combination or verbal and digital communication.

Important Aspects Of Good Designs In Advertising

Date : 20-07-2019

Advertising is basically a technique to bring products, services and ideas to public notice to induce some kind of an opinion in their minds. The key ingredients in any advertisement are: design, colour, text, photos, animations and videos. All the ingredients put together make for a good advertise. A visualiser is the one who actually creates the whole picture in the head.

6 trends in Digital Marketing you cannot miss in 2019.

Date : 10-07-2019

In the 21st century where everyone is always on the move it is impossible to stay updated. To reach target audience quicker, businesses have moved to Digital marketing.

Digital marketing is nothing but marketing your product or services on electronic devices. With R&D in technology the digital marketing scenario is continuously evolving. Below are a few trends you cannot miss if you want to ace your Digital Marketing game...

Is Digital Banking a domestic help?? :D

Date : 02-07-2019

Haha! Is what we react at to the title but yes I feel so pleased to just tap on pay and it’s done in few seconds. The digitalization of consumer banking has become increasingly relevant within the industry, where we as customers are becoming more aware of the number of things we can now do online or from our smartphones versus having to physically go to a bank to perform transactions-especially day-to-day, standard tasks like transfers, payments, investments, and even check deposits...

Do you know what are the 5 essentials of a good Ad?

Date : 20-06-2019

When it comes to writing a good and creative  Ad copy we follow these simple rules keeping in mind your brand’ s image and positioning.

Here are 5 basic yet important essentials of a good Ad copy that we swear on for great results.

Simple:  Keep it simple as we say is the most common and important principle to follow while writing an Advertising copy. The content has to be creative yet readable and easy...

Why your website needs to be redesigned

Date : 21-02-2019

Social media management is the buzzword in today’s competitive environment.  Creative content and innovative designs are the principle elements which bring efficacy to entire efforts.  These aspects are often spoken about whenever Digital Marketing is mentioned – a great way to market your products while raising your brand’s awareness and increasing customer loyalty. While it is of great aid in building your brand’s awareness, the most ...


Date : 22-06-2018

Have you ever bought an expensive product and regretted it later?

Well, certainly we all have been there. This is how modern advertising works. Most of the false commercials mislead their customers, making people buy their unworthy product. They over-promise things, and then under-deliver. Very few products or services are genuine. This generally affects businesses around the world.

Accelerate Your Business with Digital Marketing

Date : 21-04-2018

If you are looking for Advertising agency in Pune then you’ve landed on the right page. Genesis advertising is a 18 yrs old agency that specializes into all kind of work related to the advertising world in today’s age. We not only focus on just advertising or branding the product but also help customers to achieve their sales goals thereby adding value to their business. In today’s era, Digital Marketing is one of the best means of promoting & branding...

Building blocks

Date : 21-04-2018

What follows your million dollars Eureka moment? Advertising!

Don't let those shoulders slouch; your newfound Brand needs your enthusiasm. Get some help to build your blocks and get yourself more exposure. Whether a startup or an already existing company that needs a boost, Advertising is a must. Ranging from Outdoor Media, Web designing and development to Celebrity and model management, Commercial branding, Exhibition stalls, eventually all contribute to your success. 

Necessity of Social Media in Business Branding

Date : 11-10-2017

In the present era of social media revolution, no business can rapidly make progress without an access to Facebook, Twitter & other such platforms. Currently there are 665 million users active on Facebook & over 500 million are already registered on Twitter. This shows how popular the social media is. Lack of presence on social platforms such as LinkedIn would definitely be a great loss for the businesses looking for expansion & reaching for potentia

Why so many advertisements create an everlasting impact?

Date : 11-10-2017

An advertising team is just like a team of backstage artists. It prepares the best platform for the product or service to perform brilliantly in the market. Naturally, the ad designing team has to provide thorough thoughts & ideas for designing an effective advertisement. It is like ‘singing in chorus’, while keeping the product at the centre. Therefore, a good & innovative ...

Awaken in the creative world of genesis

Date : 27-09-2017

Genesis Advertising, your trusted ally for advertising and a strategic partner in brand promotion, has acquired a new office space, at Darpan Building, Above Hotel Relax, Sahakarnagar No. 2, Pune. Our new workplace is situated at the prime locale and easily accessible. It's a pleasant change and an eventful step in our successful journey over 17 years...

Develop your brand with innovation

Date : 17-03-2017

Brand brings multiple dimensions of identity and reputation to the company. A successful brand helps the company stand out in the market and gives decisive advantage to stay ahead in the competitive market. Brand comprises name, logo, style, words or symbols exclusively designed and trademark registered by the company that distinguishes one product from another in the eyes of the customers.

The genesis world of ideas

Date : 27-11-2016

It’s all about ideas. They drive us crazy. They thrill us; arouse passion and urge among us, to excel. They excite us and ignite us as well. It all begins with ideas. We toy with them; sometimes caress them and sometimes tear them apart. We analyse them for merits and galvanize them. We do everything to make them come out more vividly, brilliantly and creatively. And we’re blessed with the ideas. They keep coming like an irresistible spring...

Value proposition: most important attribute in brand building

Date : 03-09-2016

Success of any brand or the product depends on its effective advertisement and ability to reach out to the mass in quickest possible time. Obviously the advertisement carries great importance. Therefore, it needs to have great value proposition. You would be interested to know what is value proposition...

The spice of life

Date : 17-08-2016

Variety is the spice of life and it is profoundly manifested by nature. Everything in the nature is blessed with variety. Every day, in our life comes with new variety. Be it a happiness or sorrows, opportunities or adversities, they have variable shades, sometimes subtle, sometimes vivid. Naturally, our minds generate diverse thoughts. Some of them bring out charming ripples...

Important aspects of brand promotion

Date : 25-06-2016

For success of any enterprise, business promotion is an integral part. When any business is promoted in a systematic way, it opens new windows of opportunity. Although there are different ways to promote business, many entrepreneurs use combination of methods depending on their needs and circumstances. Let’s see some important steps involved in business promotion activities...

The world of modelling

Date : 20-06-2016

In India, people carry a sort of misconception about modeling. Many of them believe, those who step into the career of modeling have to be necessarily beautiful with celebrity status. Many people have preconceived notions about it. They reckon that modeling is meant for rich and elite class. Therefore, many aspirants, especially from middle class stay away from this...

Changing trends of advertising world

Date : 07-06-2016

In the recent times, Advertising world in India is witnessing decisive shift from traditional trends. With the advent of social media the digital ads are gaining grounds, albeit their share in overall advertising business is very low. In the coming years, as the social media becomes more prominent, digital ads are going to make the advertising world more exciting. At the moment however, although some innovative trends are thriving, conventional methods are still on a roll...

Importance of hoardings & banners in advertising

Date : 24-05-2016

People in general are greatly influenced by the advertisement and most of them form their own opinions about the products, based on the effect of advertisement. In other words, advertisements play a crucial role in promoting a brand and the product. It creates quick awareness amongst the masses. It is a medium, which helps an individual or an organization to highlight the USPs of their product / brand...

Social media, a game changer

Date : 17-01-2016

India is rapidly growing market with high potential for growth for every business segment. Indians quickly adopt advanced communication practices. Increasing popularity of social media networking sites is a testimony to this. In a short span time of less than five years, the social media has taken a stunning leap in India...