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Importance of hoardings & banners in advertising

Date : 2016-05-24

People in general are greatly influenced by the advertisement and most of them form their own opinions about the products, based on the effect of advertisement. In other words, advertisements play a crucial role in promoting a brand and the product. It creates quick awareness amongst the masses. It is a medium, which helps an individual or an organization to highlight the USPs of their product / brand.
When we talk about the modes of advertising, signboards, billboards, hoardings and banners play important part in catching the attention of the masses. Hoardings and banners, if placed intelligently, at key locations, e.g., railway stations, bus terminals, heavy traffic crossings, cinema halls etc. carry great impact on people’s mind. Nothing works better than promoting a brand through signboards, billboards, hoardings and banners. This is also known as ‘Out-of-home Advertising’.
Hoardings or banners need to be installed at a height so that they are easily visible to all even from the distance. It should catch the attention of the commuters and pedestrians. It should be kept simple, yet catchy so that they create unique impact on people’s mind and at the same time don’t confuse the viewers. It should convey required information in minimum possible words.
This requires creative and collective effort and most importantly the passion of the advertising team that carves the niche in the public’s mind. Genesis Advertising is one such unique Ad Agency in Pune, that possesses these attributes, where logo designing, ad designing, branding and digital marketing solutions, born out through creative ideas and passionate efforts.