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Changing trends of advertising world

Date : 2016-06-07

In the recent times, Advertising world in India is witnessing decisive shift from traditional trends. With the advent of social media the digital ads are gaining grounds, albeit their share in overall advertising business is very low. In the coming years, as the social media becomes more prominent, digital ads are going to make the advertising world more exciting. At the moment however, although some innovative trends are thriving, conventional methods are still on a roll.
Advertising hitherto was looked upon as a tool to woo the consumers, where customer was always treated as silent receiver. The onset of social media has changed this focus and perception to some extent. Internet has brought distinctive change in the ad world. Advertising has become more cost effective. Although major population is still not exposed to internet, in the days to come, internet will become easily accessible in India and digital advertising will gain more prominence. New technologies have changed the mindset of younger generation. It has shifted focus from mass promotion to target marketing. Internet helps in tracking individuals’ interests, whereas television rating methods and audience profiling leads to specific segment customers. Therefore digital marketing is more precise and cost effective.
Majority of us dislike watching TV advertisements. We quickly pounce on to other channels whenever there is a break on any TV show. We surf channels sometimes purposely, sometimes aimlessly. Therefore, ad professionals have to be always on toes to stimulate consumers' changing sensibilities. Concise, crisp and witty concepts , enjoy greater acceptability and they are replacing exaggerated advertisements.
But in spite of new trends and changing perceptions of people, the jingles continue to dominate the ad world in India. Good melodious jingles, especially occasion based jingles catch our attention quickly, e.g. ads prepared for festive days