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How to Create Relevant and Fresh Instagram Content

Date : 2019-11-26

Instagram, initially started as an experience sharing application in the form of images has now evolved to become a business making model not only for the developers but also it’s users. Instagram started in 2010, reached a million users in a span of just 2 months from its launch. Today after 10 years from its launch it has crossed the mark of 100 million active users. After Facebook took over the app in 2013 it launched sponsored posts allowing brands to advertise their products/services generating revenue for Instagram.

Instagram being one of the top social media platforms, it is inevitable for businesses to use it to their advantage. If your brand wants to target the young generation i.e. Age Group 14-35 years of age Instagram should definitely your go to place. Instagram is also the best platform to show your visual content. The best way to attract users to your page is creating fresh and unique content. Whether you are a multinational, national, local or self owned business, Instagram can be used by all to market and advertise. If you are someone planning to use or are already using Instagram to market your products or services here are a few tips on creating interesting and engaging content to keep your audience coming back for more.

Content Planning: Being able to pinpoint who, what and why about your Instagram brand is the premier step in planning your content. It is very important for you to know who your target audience is. What things they want to see and what they can take/learn from your content. You can decide the theme for the posts which can vary over short spans of time/season/months/weeks etc. You can decide the colour scheme and filters to use. You also need to plan the publishing schedule. You can decide which days what you want to post. There are various tools available on the internet for free that can help you plan your content schedule.

Content Creation: If you are an established brand and can hire an agency to handle your Digital Marketing then the agency will be responsible for content creation. The agency has employees focusing solely on strategizing, creating, posting, engaging and measuring. But if you are a small business and create your own content it can be time consuming and you might not post as often as you should which may lead to lower engagement on Instagram as per the Instagram algorithm. If you don’t have the resources to post/create new content every time you can repost content from other known brands. Instagram lets you post other page contents on your page legally with the Repost App. You can also resort to buy images/ templates from various designing applications.
One can also collaborate with Instagram influencers to market their product and services. The advantage being, the influencer is responsible for budgeting, creating and promoting. The only thing the brand has to do is find the right influencer who’s audience matches their target audience. You can also repost the customer generated content and keep your feed updated at all times.

Content Posting: Once the content is created it is important to make sure that it is scheduled to be posted at the right time. The optimal time to schedule your posts is when maximum of your target audience is online. The best way to figure out what time suits you is to post at different timings and check when you get maximum engagement. Instagram has made it easier for users to know this with its Insights feature.

Content Optimization: Once you have a set schedule and fresh relevant content to post its necessary to see how you can optimize your results on Instagram. Below are a few ways to boost reach, improve engagement and grow your following.

Hashtags:Hashtags are a very integral part of your content. Using the right tags can help you reach a wider audience and attract more followers. You can create your brand hashtags and use them to create customer generated content. You can also include hashtags relevant to your industry.

Caption Length:Make sure that you use a caption length that matches your post goals. So, if you want to educate you audience then you can use a longer caption but if you want your audience to click a link and lead them to a different landing page then make sure the caption is small and your audience doesn’t have to read through paragraphs to reach your link.

Instagram has already gained popularity and if your brand does not have an Instagram page, now is the time to have your presence on this App to wider your scope of reach. Genesis Advertising is one of the best advertising agencies in Pune and we can help you with all your Digital and Social media marketing needs. We have a team of experts who are eagerly waiting to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.