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Why Influencer Marketing Is One Of The Hot Trends Today?

Date : 2019-08-03

Influencer marketing is using brand advocates to drive your message to a larger audience in an organic way. Brand advocates in terms of influencer marketing are basically people who are popular in their respective fields because of the vast knowledge they have in their scope of work. Word of mouth is the most authenticate form of marketing and in this ever growing digital world brands are taking full advantage of this pragmatic combination or verbal and digital communication. If you are a brand looking for an apt influencer for your industry there are various Influencer Marketing Platforms where you can find influencers, eg., etc. Below are a few reasons why your brand should definitely consider influencer marketing to market your product.

  • Catching the right eyeballs out of your Target Audience:

    Get a influencer who’s audience matches your brand’s audience. If you are able to find the right influencer you will get access to an already cultivated, highly targeted audience of buyers.

  • It is not as expensive as hiring a Celebrity:

    Even though influencer marketing is a very effective way of reaching the right audience it is still an inexpensive way of marketing compared to others. Since many brands are not aware of how much an influencer charges for one mention they are sceptical of trying out influencer marketing. A celebrity has a variety of followers but an influencer has a very specific niche that you want to reach.

  • Boosts SEO(Search Engine Optimization):

    Domain Authority is a very important factor in deciding the ranking of your website on the search engine. The higher points your domain authority has the more visibility on search engines. You can build your domain authority by having a lot of backlinks. An influencer can be a good source of quality backlinks to your website. This will not only help traffic on the website but also help in SEO.

  • Does not look too Pushy:

    Advertising is no doubt the most popular marketing technique but also the most common and so consumers are tired and irritated to see ads every now and then. According to a study 2/3 rd of consumers today are using ad blockers. Influencer marketing targets only those consumers who are genuinely interested in knowing about the brands and products their idols use. So when an influencer is talking it doesn’t seem like they are trying to sell a product, service or idea.

  • Credibility:

    Brands can leverage an influencers credibility and fame earned over a period of time. Some brands use influencer marketing to establish credibility in the market, while others use the same to create social conversations around their brand.

If your brand is new and looking to work on your brand awareness and build your social media presence you should definitely consider Influencer Marketing.  Your influencers are the ones who make the content, so, they’re the ones shouldering the creative costs. Often, the content they make for your brand will be evergreen, meaning you can reuse it again and again. Genesis Advertising being one of the top 10 Ad Agencies in Pune can help you curate the best marketing plan and brand strategies using print, audio and visual medias.