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Content Marketing 2020

Date : 2020-01-31

Same as the progressing changes in numerous things every year the world of marketing is witnessing a drastic change in the way the information is delivered to their target audience. Below are few things that you cannot miss in your content marketing strategy for this year.

1. Voice search and smart device tailored content: One of the key pieces of technology that’s going to drive content marketing into 2020 is the smart device. Specifically, brands are going to become more focused on catering to voice searches via a smart device. The reason being, the use of voice chat is skyrocketing. As of January 2018, the number of monthly voice searches reached over one billion. Moreover, it’s generally understood that 50% of all web searches will be conducted by voice by next year. Brands are still just starting to optimize their content for voice search purposes. If you’re able to do so before your competitors, it’s your content that’s going to be piping out of your audience’s smart devices in the near future.

There are two keys to making this happen:

Understanding the nuances of this slight difference can enable you to craft more effective headlines and focus on more specific long-tail keywords within your content.

Secondly, by looking into the voice queries your audience members conduct, you’ll gain even more insight into the type of information and content they’re looking for. This, in turn, can help you not only tailor your existing content for voice-SEO but also inform your future content-creation initiatives, overall.

2. Video content: Is video really “the future of content marketing”? Yup! In fact, the number of businesses that use video as part of their marketing is up 38% since 2017. And 72% of consumers say that they now “prefer videos” over text-based content. Facebook video posts are a thing. So are Instagram videos. But if you want to get the most eyeballs on your video content, you definitely want to focus on YouTube. YouTube videos can get views YEARS after you upload them. To get more views from YouTube Suggested Video, optimize your video description and tags around a growing, popular topic.

3. Source post/ topical authority Be The Source” posts are research-backed pieces of content that contain new, interesting data. In fact, BuzzSumo reports that 74% of people that have published original research content state that it helped them get more traffic. So if you want to get more links, traffic and shares from your content marketing, then you might want to give The Source content a try this year. A new topic is PERFECT for the Source posts as there’s no data on that topic yet. So when you publish data from a high-quality industry study, your post has a huge first-mover advantage.

4. Create More Epic/Viral Content There’s more content published now than ever before. Which makes it REALLY hard for your content to stand out? In fact, according to Orbit Media, 47% of bloggers state that “getting traffic and attracting visitors” is their #1 challenge. So: how do you get your content noticed in 2020?

Epic Content. Epic content is just like it sounds: it’s content that’s so massive, so in-depth, so impressive, that it can’t help but get attention.

5. Personalized content: The modern consumer expects the brands they engage with to provide them a highly-personalized experience across the board. Your audience doesn’t want to receive the exact same collection of content that all of your other customers are getting. Rather, the individual consumer wants to receive content tailored specifically to their interests and needs with regard to your brand. How to use this trend: Dynamic Content Delivery. Automate the curation and delivery of highly-relevant content to your individual customers. Consider their immediate needs at a specific point in time.

We at Genesis Advertising definitely think that content is going to be the king this year and we have to be on our toes to adapt the changing ways of marketing, promoting and delivering information to our audience every day. Genesis being one of the best advertising agencies in Pune has a team of excellent content writers and creators which helped our clients achieve their marketing goals.