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The world of modelling

Date : 2016-06-20

In India, people carry a sort of misconception about modeling. Many of them believe, those who step into the career of modeling have to be necessarily beautiful with celebrity status. Many people have preconceived notions about it. They reckon that modeling is meant for rich and elite class. Therefore, many aspirants, especially from middle class stay away from this.
But modeling isn't always about being beautiful, rich and youthful. It is all about being expressive, in order to create something interesting for the people to look at and think about. Of course, the successful models definitely enjoy a lucrative and glamorous lifestyle. But glamour and lifestyle don't come overnight. Therefore, more than attractive looks, to become a successful model, one needs to have focus, dedication and hard work. And irrespective of age, gender or looks, one needs to know his or her hidden potential for evocative expressions. This issue is now rightly addressed by Genesis Advertising; Pune's one of the most premier advertising agency.
Acknowledged as one of the most reliable sources for 3600s advertising solutions, Genesis has dedicated an exclusive page on their website for FREE model co-operation, because Genesis websit enjoys hundreds of hits every day and at least 5-6 enquiries from professional / aspiring models. Genesis offers to work as co-ordinating source between the models and advertisers, who are looking to promote their brand or products. This will be a FREE listing and absolutely FREE service to the models and advertisers, as a gesture of goodwill from Genesis.
Interested candidates aspiring to make career in modeling, may open following link to know more details :
This is a different initiative, perhaps first of its kind, in Pune's advertising circle taken by Genesis Advertising, who are known for innovative solutions for brand / product promotion, advertising & Web Developing