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Corporate identity Services in Pune


All companies have their distinctive, distinguished & unique corporate identity. Each & every company needs a special visual collection to make it different from its significant others. Lets take an example of the most popular beverage brand ever Coca-Cola. Everybody, knows the logo of Cocal Cola. There is a fact about Coca Cola that might surprise you. The red and white Coca Cola logo is recognized by 94% of the total population of the world. Also, Cocal Cola also reported that its name is the second most understood term in the world behind ‘okay’. Hence, its almost unimaginable to even think what kind of uniqueness & brand image Coca Cola has built over the years. It’s easier to start creating your company’s identity when you are starting your firm. It’s much harder to change or create it later.

Genesis Advertising Agency in Pune is best known for running successful Corporate Identity campaigns for many reputed companies in and around the city of Pune. Corporate identity activity includes creating and building an image of the company through branding and promotion, carrying out internal and external branding campaigns, digital media and marketing campaigning especially at exhibitions, conferences, seminars and other marketing activities. Genesis Advertising undertakes several activities to popularise the brand, brand name and company image and helps the organisation to have distinct corporate identity in the market to take over its competitors

Corporate identity, is not just a singular term of a company’s identity, its much more and covers many aspects, like

  • - Name of the company
  • - Slogan
  • - Style – fonts, colors, images
  • - Company logo
  • - Packaging designs
  • - Advertising methods
  • - Promotional methods & materials such as flyers, brochures, standees etc.
  • - Page layouts & design
  • - Professional business cards
  • - Invoice & letter design

corporate identity advertising in pune